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How do lessons work?

Lessons occur at my home in Manassas. The student will have regular lessons each week at their chosen day/time slot. I custom create programs for each student, meeting the needs of all ages and levels of experience - from the very young beginner to the working adult. 


Can anyone learn to play the piano?

Yes! Absolutely. Anyone can learn to play the piano. I have taught students as young as 3 and as old as 70. Music enhances everyone’s lives, at all ages.


Is the piano the right fit for everyone?

No. Not everyone will take to the piano, and that’s ok. Music education does, however, offer a host of benefits all around - so if the piano isn't your thing, I encourage you to try other instruments and classes! I am happy to recommend other outstanding teachers in the area, for a variety of classes, instruments, and activities.


Do you offer a trial lesson? 

Tuition is paid at a flat monthly rate around here, with no long term commitment requirement. So, no, you can not just purchase one lesson, but you can purchase one month with no obligation to continue! It takes a few weeks for student and teacher to get comfortable, and for me to learn the student's likes, dislikes, and learning style. 

In general, I recommend 6 months' worth of instruction to really see if piano and/or voice lessons is a good fit. 


What's necessary to have at home in order for the student to be successful?

I require the following:

  • a well-maintained, working instrument (can be keyboard with weighted keys or an acoustic piano) 

  • A space in which practicing shall usually occur, free from unnecessary activity, noise, and clutter

  • iPad (optional)

  • A pencil

  • A notebook to take down homework, track progress, etc.

  • Parental involvement, support, and encouragement

  • A great attitude and a willingness to learn and work hard!

Do you offer any performance opportunities?

I host two recitals each year (dates for this year are still TBD) and am always actively searching for ways that my students can get out into the community and perform! Local open mic nights, school talent shows, and other community outreach events will be offered as they arise throughout the year.


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